Who we are

With a total area of ​​5,600m2 and with top equipment in machinery and production equipment, with more than 100 specialized workers, JP Supersoles has an installed capacity for the manufacture of 3 million pairs of shoes soles per year in In TR, PVC, TPU, PU, ​​SBR and EVA.

JP Supersoles was created with well-founded foundations and feeds on its own culture that is based on organization, method and rigor. These values ​​are seen as essential for a partnership relationship with the client. This relationship is another key factor that will determine the success of the company's product, because "we have been betting on the strong relationships with the main suppliers of raw materials and with the main customers."

The company is technologically equipped to develop other types of polyurethane products, namely for the automotive industry, aeronautics, geriatrics and spas.

The necessary conditions are thus met - offices, top labs, sample rooms, offices, social areas and others - able to cope with the growing production of the footwear sector. The company evolves to provide a more differentiated, flexible, efficient and positive response to the ideals it wants to convey, focusing on the development of methodologies capable of adequately and proactively integrating customer needs.

What We Produce

Jp Supersoles is dedicated to the production of shoe soles in the most varied materials, namely PU, PVC, TPR, TPU, SBR, SEBS and EVA.
. We create models with creative and designer appeal, meeting the needs of our customers.
. We develop with our technicians and in our laboratory, formulations and materials, specific to each model.
The good relationship with customers and suppliers allows Jp Supersoles to develop models and exclusive materials.

Models and materials that are destined to four areas of business:


Solas that combine the most advanced design, high quality materials used.


Flexible and comfortable, polymer-based, lightweight and ultra-soft soles such as thermoplastic rubbers (TPR, TPU, EVA) or PU that offer a comfortable platform between the floor and the body, thus cushioning impacts with the features indicated for a Advanced comfort.


Starting from a remarkable comfort and associating some of the characteristics of the occupational / work footwear these soles are ideal to use in the day to day.


Soles dedicated to specialists and professionals who demand footwear with great reliability and performance. Developed according to the requirements of the intended activity (such as antiallergic, anti-slip, anti-static, washable, etc.) soles in order to protect against risks that may threaten safety and health at work. Ideal for professionals who work on foot.

Jp Supersoles ensures maximum efficiency by the highest standards of quality and demand with a growing production of the sector in the national and international market with the policy of preserving the Environment. Based on the organization, modernity, comfort, rigor and above all in quality, contributing to a better productivity of its customers.